Focus & Philosophy


Marks Henderson has a strong commitment to property fundamentals.

We ensure broad-based investment performance characterised by the delivery of an attractive yield and capital growth, whilst minimising risk.

Marks Henderson co-invests in all its acquisitions and takes the position of lead investor. The target is direct property in Melbourne and Sydney with the emphasis on office and industrial property.

Our investments are structured by combining equity and debt in the most tax-effective manner to provide the best possible return.


Our approach and investment strategy is based on a combination of market knowledge and a tailored approach to each investment.

This has been developed over a number of years and this philosophy brings structure, strategy and stability to every investment.

This investment philosophy was borne from our previous careers as market leading agents and still underpins every investment decision we make.

We manage, and seek, properties that have special attributes to find the right tenants. This multi-tenant approach means that our risk is managed and we are never exposed to the vagaries of a particular business sector. We look for bespoke properties that will have an intrinsic appeal and worth to a range of tenants from different industries.


Marks Henderson adopts a strategic approach to its acquisitions with a specific focus.

Marks Henderson focuses on properties in the $10 million to $50 million range, which is generally too small for the major institutions and too large for the private investors.

We have strict investment criteria relating to the total return sought from equity invested, the discipline of a defined exit strategy and implementation of rigorous asset management.

Our co-investment philosophy means the emphasis is on total asset performance. All acquisitions utilise non-recourse funding, based on prudent loan to valuation ratios.